A downloadable psalm for Windows

Within the sound of the mighty wind,
listen for my voice.
In the raging storm,
feel my presence.
On the mountain top,
experience my magnitude.
Among the ancient rocks,
ponder my early times.
My knowledge flows over you like a waterfall.
My wisdom fills your soul as the ocean deep.
Come to me in a new way,
not in the way you have before.
Sit on the majestic throne.
Call upon me in time of need and I will hear you.
My presence is everywhere.
In change,
see my hand at work.
A moment of chaos.
In death,
see renewal and rebirth.
Though your life on earth will end;
for you my chosen, it will be the beginning of an eternity with me.
Lift not your eyes.
Bow not your head.
It is time to begin anew.
Don’t despair,
for there is no damnation.
But if you fear,
seek refuge in me.
Voice your thoughts,
don’t keep silent.
Your words are my counsel.




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Note that the game is NOT a psalm to God. 

kinda weird game. very confusing. but still good effort.

btw here is my video: